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Want to understand how it works? Are you interested to hear more about what OOPKOP can do for your organisation, play the video below and one of the founders will tell you more.

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The Broadest Mental Wellbeing Selection For Your Employees

Fitting each individual preference

Curated Selection

12 Themes & 200+ Partners

Online & Live

12+ Languages

Personal Intake

One-on-One (1:1)

Personalized Advice

By Professional Coaches

Periodic Check-in

1 min check-in

Periodic Insights

WHO Approved


Live & Replay

Hosted Weekly

International & National Hosts

Manager Support

One-on-One (1:1)

Training & Guides

24/7 Support


Podcasts, Videos

Articles, Blogs

Practice Material

12 Themes; 200+ High Quality Partners





Sleep Support




Personality Tests





Maaike de van der Schueren

Authentic, Direct, Humor


Speak Online with a Licensed Psychologist

Robine Nederveen

Curious, Inquisitive, Entrepreneurial

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Each employee gets individual access


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They can book a Personal Intake to get advice on what fits them best.

We also got you covered as an employer; from a smooth set-up including kick-off presentation to receiving monthly management insights. You will see and notice the results soon.

What Employees Say

"OOPKOP gives me as an employee the freedom to choose from a wide range of providers. This offer is large, but well categorized. I myself searched specifically for a particular coach and found it in my living area. I see being allowed to use OOPKOP as extra appreciation from my employer, also knowing that a healthy employee benefits my employer. Next year I hope to follow another course which I have already found on OOPKOP."
Wouter Oostinjen
"Because my employer values employee wellbeing, I was given credit to spend at OOPKOP. Super! The website is full of various experiences to help you work on your mental health. I myself chose a breathing session. I did not know what I experienced; a world opened up for me and I literally 'flew' out, reborn. I immediately booked another session via OOPKOP. I am very grateful to my employer for this opportunity and new experiences. It gives a wonderful boost to your daily rhythm. It inspires and promotes positively. I recommend it to everyone. Lifechanging!"
Pierre van Veldhoven
D&B Eventmarketing

Today is the day to start making your employees happier and fitter

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You Take Care of Your Employees, We Help You

High Quality Partners

Trustworthy and Reliable

We carefully select our partners to assure that they provide mental health support on the highest standards. The selection criteria are defined by professionals. We can recommend each partner to our own family, friends and employees.

Management Insights

Stats, Usage and Results

You get monthly dashboards, so you can see the health index of your organisation and the aggregated participation rates of your teams. You will see the return on investment in the dashboard and -more importantly- in your organisation.

We got you Covered

Employer & Employee taken care of

We assure that your employees have access to mental health support. A high participation rate is our mission and giving you the return on investment. We take care of the set-up, the onboarding of employees, monthly payment and clear reporting.

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