OOPKOP Live Presents Ruud Hendriks

Win the War for Talent, Lessons from 900+ Startups

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OOPKOP, the platform with the best and most diverse offer in mental wellbeing, hosted a 45-minute online webinar on Tuesday, September 27, 10.00.

We presented entrepreneurs, CEOs, HR managers and anyone who was interested a valuable interview with Ruud Hendriks.

Ruud is founder of Startupbootcamp, The Talent institute, Innoleaps and radio & TV guru. With Startupbootcamp he is a shareholder in 900+ startups and is happy to share his vision and experiences with you.

Key Lessons:

Which 3 aspects are crucial for successful business.

Advice regarding war for talent.

Vision on employee experience and advice in this regard.

Investing in the mental health and development of employees.

Tips and tricks to stay mentally fit.

Bonus Tip:

We recorded the event! Register anyway and you will receive the recording!