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Our customers experience increased employee wellbeing, less burnouts and more engagement. Resulting in higher performance and productivity. We’d love to let you experience these benefits too!


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OOPKOP is here for all size Businesses

Everyone benefits from taking care of mental health. We support every organisation in the wellbing of their team; no matter what size. That is why we support not only the large international companies, but also the local heroes, student associations and non-profit organisations.

Customer Stories

95% recommends OOPKOP

“We do business with guts, like to grow together and a good dose of fun! To allow our family to take off in all areas, we now also offer mental and personal growth opportunities. OOPKOP offers a variety of activities so that there is something for everyone.”

Daan Bonsen


“Mentally fit employees are extremely important to us. In today’s society the pressure to perform is high on both social and professional level. It can get too much but often you only find out too late. With OOPKOP we hope to offer our employees (preventive) handles to stay mentally fit.”

Suzanne Tan

People & Workplace

“The present times have made us all realise the importance of mental health. With OOPKOP we can offer our team preventive support on many different important topics.”

James Veenhoff


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